Margarite’s story of growing Bitter Gourds was so inspiring that the BMT staff couldn’t wait to learn more about Bitter Gourd (also known as Momordica charantia or bitter melon).

We were so excited by what we found! According to the website Healthline, Bitter melon gets more and more bitter as it ripens. That, of course, sounds odd, but there are lots of recipes that benefit from these unique qualities—which is great because of its incredible health benefits. It contains nutrients linked to lowering blood sugar and aiding in diabetes treatment.

These are the two recipes we found most exciting, but there are so many fun options to explore we suggest that you do a google search. Many recipes are inspired by Indian, Japanese, Chinese, and other flavor profiles.

To get started, check out this fragrant Bitter Gourd Pavakkai Stir Fry from Lathi’s Kitchen. It’s quick, vegan, and healthy but doesn’t skimp on flavor. Or if you are feeling adventurous and love curry, this Indian-inspired Bitter Gourd curry, known as Karela Sabzi, from Swathi’s Recipes, might be just the ticket!

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