Here’s some exciting news… If you are retired, there’s a new and simple way to make a donation to Blue Mountain Television that you might not be aware of and may be easier on your finances.  When all retired owners of IRA accounts reach the age of 70.5, they must begin a required minimum distribution (otherwise known as RMD) from their IRA?  The “Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015”, now permits a rollover to go directly from your IRA to a qualified public charity such as Blue Mountain Television.  You choose the amount to be distributed either monthly or annually.  We have a simple form that authorizes your IRA custodian to send your non-taxable donation directly to BMT.  Why not consider supporting Blue Mountain Television in a convenient way that satisfies your RMD and would be a blessing to our viewers.  We are happy to help you set up this simple beneficial plan.  Please call us at (509) 529-9149, drop by, or email us at