On May 4, 2015, K36EW-D, K21JQ-D, and K31KL-D were granted licenses by the Federal Communications Commission to serve the public interest as a public trustee until February 1, 2023. Our licenses will expire on February 1, 2023. We must file applications for license renewal with the FCC on October 3, 2022. When filed, copies of these applications will be available for public inspection at www.fcc.gov. They contain information concerning the stations’ performance over the last 8 years.

Individuals who wish to advise the FCC of facts relating to our renewal application, and to whether this station has operated in the public interest, should file comments and petitions with the FCC by January 2, 2023. Further information concerning the FCC’s broadcast license renewal process is available at 1200 SE 12th Street, Suite 2, College Place, WA 99324, or may be obtained from the FCC, Washington, D.C. 20554, www.fcc.gov.