How many of you like to shop online?  I’m sure most if not all of us have shopped online at one time or another.  Did you know that there is a way to shop online and support the ministry of Blue Mountain Television?  AmazonSmile is a service where they will send a donation to the charity of your choice based on your purchase.  Blue Mountain Television is one of those charities.  Just go to this link, and sign into your Amazon account.  When you sign in they will ask what charity you would like to send your donation to.  Pick Blue Mountain Broadcasting Association.  Once that is set up, you can shop on Amazon like you normally would.  When you make a purchase, Blue Mountain Television will get a donation based off of your purchase price.  Make sure you use in the future or Amazon won’t send a donation to Blue Mountain Television.  Happy shopping! and we thank you for supporting the ministry of Blue Mountain Television.