Fall Fundraiser
The dates for our fall fundraiser are November 12-14 from 6-10 pm. This year we decided to try something different. We will be showing the film Hell and Mr. Fudge. This film is about Edward Fudge’s story of research on the topic of hell. It is a great film and I encourage each one of you to tune into our fall fundraiser to see it. We will also have Pat Arrabito who is the producer of the film in the studio with us to share about the process of making this film. The film will be shown over the course of the first two nights and Pat will be our guest for both of those nights. Then the third night we will be broadcasting the film The Butterfly Circus. This is another fantastic film. This film is much shorter and in addition to it on November 14, we will be sharing with our community the results of our visioning process and reveal a major project we have been working on. We are excited where Blue Mountain Television is headed! Please join us for our fall fundraiser on November 12-14 from 6-10 pm.

New Employees
We have two new part-time employees at Blue Mountain Television. Liam O’Riley has joined us to assist with the many editing projects we have. He is also helping prepare our transition to HD. This will allow other employees to focus on bigger projects. Liam is a recent graduate from the communications department at Walla Walla University and we are pleased to have him on board.
Our second new employee is Emily Cairns. She is currently a sophomore at Walla Walla University in the communications department. Her role is our social media intern. For years now Blue Mountain Television has had a barely breathing social media outreach. Her job is to help bring new life to our social presence. To view her work and keep updated about what is happening at Blue Mountain Television visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Please join me in welcoming both Liam and Emily to the team!