It’s finally here.  After months of work, our new website was launched late last week.  We had a mini update to our website around Christmas time, but after stepping back and taking a look at it, our web developer realized we could do better.  So we went back to the drawing board and built a new site from the ground up.  In the end, I think this new site looks way better than our previous one.  Head on over to and check it out.  We have added an events page to our site, this section features local events.  We have also revamped the on demand page.  This page utilizes a plugin from our YouTube channel so we don’t have to manually add videos to our website.  It’s neat clean and efficient!  My favorite new feature is the schedule page.  This is the page we spent the most time on and will give you a look at the schedule for the next week.  If you click on a program you will get a description of each episode.  We hope you like the new website.