It’s hard to believe that 2018 is almost half over.  Each quarter Blue Mountain Television looks at our broadcasting schedule and makes a few tweaks as well as add new programs.  July 1 marks the start of the 3rd quarter and we have two new programs that will launch that week.  First, we have Heart Quest with Mike Tucker.  Heart Quest is a special series about a God who is crazy in love with you.  This series was originally hosted at the Village Church.  Beginning July 1, Heart Quest can be seen Sundays at 1 pm and Fridays at 10 pm.  Next is GYC Northwest’s 2018 convocation “Return, Receive, Run”.  This series is a collection of presentations from Dee Casper, Chad Kreuzer and Taj Pacleb.  Beginning July 1, Return, Receive, Run can be seen Mondays at 8 am and Saturdays at 4 pm.  We hope you enjoy these new programs.  Look for them starting July 1.