1110, 2018

Fall Sharathon is Coming

It's hard to believe Fall Sharathon is just around the corner.  We have been working hard behind the scenes getting everything ready for Fall Sharathon which begins on October 22 at 6 pm.  Thanks for

510, 2018

More Publicity!

The positive reviews for Secret Life of the Forest keep coming in.  It seems like every day we hear from someone new who is really enjoying the program.  Last Wednesday there was a front-page article

2709, 2018

A Success!

This past Sunday was the broadcast premiere of Secret Life of the Forest on Blue Mountain Television.  We have heard many positive reports of people who really enjoyed this program. The only complaint I heard was that

1409, 2018

A Special Thank You

This past Sunday was our annual volunteer appreciation banquet.  Blue Mountain Television has many volunteers that help make this station operate smoothly.  Each year we have a banquet to honor those that have helped us

609, 2018

New Staff Member

Recently our office secretary Cheri informed Blue Mountain Television that she was headed to school.  This would mean her hours would drop off to the point we would need to consider hiring someone who could

3108, 2018

A Minor Change

This past Monday the Blue Mountain Television board previewed the first episode of Secret Life of the Forest.  The board was in awe of what Daniel Biggs and Mike Denny have created in this series. 

2308, 2018

Let’s Keep it Going!

Looking at the finances for the past couple of months is a depressing task.  As with most non-profits, Blue Mountain Television's donations have dipped quite a bit during the summer months.  If you aren't already,

908, 2018

Mark Your Calendars!

Daniel Biggs and Mike Denny have spent over a year of work on Blue Mountain Television's newest series Secret Life of the Forest.  This series is focused on the natural history of the Blue Mountains. 

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