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1503, 2018

New Website Launched!

It's finally here.  After months of work, our new website was launched late last week.  We had a mini update to our website around Christmas time, but after stepping back and taking a look at it,

803, 2018

Filming Wraps Up

This weekend will mark the end of filming of music for Spring Sharathon.  Thank you to all the musicians that have shared their gift of music with us.  Next week we will begin recording segments

103, 2018

A Live Event is Coming

Mike Tucker will be at the Village Church presenting a series of meetings from March 9-17.  Heart Quest is a special series about a God who is crazy in love with you.  Blue Mountain Television

2202, 2018

Production Has Officially Begun On Sharathon

Production has officially begun on Sharathon. This past week saw cameras start rolling for Sharathon music. The music portion of Sharathon has always been a big hit and this year is no different. So far

1502, 2018

I Love BMT

Donations are typically down in the early months of the year for Non Profit organizations. Blue Mountain Television is no different. Which is why we have just launched an "I Love BMT" campaign in connection

802, 2018

The Countdown Has Begun

The countdown has begun! This week the staff at Blue Mountain Television sat down to start planning for Spring Sharathon. It's hard to believe Spring Sharathon will be here in less than 8 weeks. The

102, 2018

I Have Been Blessed

Recently I received an email from a viewer. Her note simply said, I just want to say I have been watching your program every Friday night at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm and on Saturday

2501, 2018

Help! I’m a Parent

It's hard to believe the first month of 2018 is almost gone. As February begins we have one new program coming to Blue Mountain Television plus new episodes of a current program. "Help! I'm a

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